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Aphaia OTT regulation and net neutrality project in Bahrain

Aphaia OTT regulation and net neutrality project in Bahrain

Aphaia is proud to work with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the topics of OTT regulation and net neutrality.

Non-discrimination of internet traffic in relation to various OTT services, also known as net neutrality, is an issue increasingly dealt with by the regulators across the world.

OTT regulation net neutrality Bahrain Aphaia

A modern approach to the question has been recently included in the Fourth National Telecommunications Plan of the Kingdom of Bahrain, encompassing unjustified blocking or throttling of lawful content, end-user quality of service, and non-discrimination of content.

Aphaia is proud to be engaged by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain to help them with various aspects of implementing said net neutrality provisions of the Plan in the Authority’s regulatory practice.

Aphaia provides consultancy services in relation to all major ICT regulatory issues, including net neutrality and OTT, and acts as outsourced Data Protection Officer for ICT and other businesses.

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