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Blue Octopus recruitment gives candidates control over data

Blue Octopus recruitment gives candidates control over data

In our client interview, Kelly Laurenson, Blue Octopus’s Operations Director, explains the company’s modern approach to hiring and making the candidates’ data work for them – and not somebody else.

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What makes Blue Octopus special in the recruitment industry?

Blue Octopus is an award-winning online recruitment company with a modern approach to hiring – one that doesn’t involve charging high placement fees for candidates. With a no-nonsense, transparent approach, we deliver our flat fee recruitment solution to some of the UK’s largest companies.

Octo, our homegrown online recruitment technology, allows the clients we work with to have complete control of their recruitment – anywhere, any time. What’s more, complementing that cutting-edge tech is our team of friendly recruitment professionals, all of whom are dedicated to finding our clients the best talent in the UK.

With Blue Octopus, job candidates are in control which potential employees receive their personal information and what information they receive. Why is this important?

It’s vital for candidates to be in control of which employers can view their information, and to know which information each employer can see, in order for them to be in control of their applications – and their working life! Candidates can often apply for more than one role at once, and knowing which company can see what information allows candidates to present a consistent image, prepare for interviews and tailor additional communications to the requirements of the company and role being applied for.

It also allows candidates to filter out places they don’t want to work (e.g. previous employers) and helps to ensure information is only available to the places that they do want to work – allowing them to have a highly focused approach to success. Control over your data allows you to maintain your privacy and have confidence that your data is working for you – and not somebody else.

Aphaia is proud to have Blue Octopus in our portfolio of clients whom we have been helping get ready for GDPR. If you require assistance with GDPR, Aphaia provides both GDPR adaptation consultancy services and Data Protection Officer outsourcing.

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