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International Data Protection Committee established by Danish DPA

International Data Protection Committee established by Danish DPA

An international data protection committee has been established by the Danish DPA to protect Danish interests regarding international data protection.


The Danish DPA has established a special committee with the aim of giving the Authority’s stakeholders more and better insight into the international data protection work done by the Data Inspectorate. It will also serve the purpose of giving them an opportunity to contribute to this work, strengthening the safeguarding of Danish interests on an international level. This new special committee differs from the Danish DPA’s  contact committee in that its efforts will be geared specifically towards the Authority’s work regarding international affairs.


The International Data Protection Committee is aimed at fostering collaboration to strengthen the protection of Danish interests.


The GDPR is directed at pursuing a more formalized cooperation between various European Data Protection Authorities. This is paramount in ensuring harmonization in the interpretation of data protection rules throughout the EU. The Danish DPA, in an effort to protect and further Danish interests, is ensuring that European regulation is beneficial within the Danish context. This Special Committee on International Data Protection Cooperation was established to give the Danish Data Protection Authority’s stakeholders, and the Danish Data Protection Agency, a platform on which to work together and collaborate and strengthen the protection of Danish interests. 


This special committee will hold quarterly meetings to inform stakeholders about ongoing international cases as well as any current issues in the international arena. Committee members will have the opportunity to provide input at these meetings, as well as insight on their specific needs. The first of these meetings is scheduled to take place on January 20.


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