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Commission criticizes ‘regulatory mess’ in EU telecoms

Commission criticizes ‘regulatory mess’ in EU telecoms

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes has said that different charges and regulatory systems across the EU are hurting broadband investment. The statement precedes the new proposal for a Single EU Telecoms Market.

“Today’s guidance to regulators just doesn’t give businesses – old or new – the certainty they need to make investments. It’s time to change,” said Kroes.

Telecoms companies face different charges and regulatory systems from country to country in the EU, said the European Commission, despite years of its efforts to smooth these differences out. These problems make companies reluctant to invest large sums in new high-speed networks, while limiting competition by making it difficult for companies to enter new markets based on an existing business model.

The effect is that Europe is losing the global race to build fast fixed broadband connections and that a stable and consistent system is necessary to maximise investment and infrastructure competition.

In its forthcoming Single Market for Telecommunications proposal the European Commission will therefore be formalising a tighter set of the principles for encouraging investment, coupled with a series of common rules governing copper prices and fibre regulation.

The legislative package is expected to be presented on 11 September.


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