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Conscious Cities from neuroscience to tech with our partners The Centric Lab

Conscious Cities from neuroscience to tech with our partners The Centric Lab

Conscious Cities Conference No. 2: Bridging Neuroscience, Architecture and Technology is a full-day event, taking place on Wednesday 03 May 2017.

conscious cities conference london

The last Conscious Cities conference examined the relationship between neuroscience and architecture. This year’s conference will disseminate and unify the different industries and elements needed to build a Conscious City, that is responsive to human activity and needs.

The day will open with keynote speakers representing: Neuroscience, Architecture, and the intersection of both. From there, the conference will address four themes, each presented and discussed by a panel of experts from academia and industry (detailed further below):

  • What Does Neuroscience Teach Us About the Built Environment?
  • How Can We Use High Technology in the Built Environment?
  • Creating Conscious Design: How Does Behavioural Insight Affect Architecture and Planning?
  • Building a Conscious City: The Role of Governance and Industry.

A printed publication – Conscious Cities Anthology No.2 – will be given to all conference attendees. It will contain papers and thought pieces by the conference speakers.

The conference will be take place from 9:00 to 18:00 at One Sekforde Street, London.

You can register for this amazing event here. Whereas making a city more conscious also means knowing more data about its inhabitants, we  at Aphaia also urge conscious city planners not to forget about privacy related to the conscious city’s IoT.

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