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GDPR workshop in Turin with Talent Garden Startup community

GDPR workshop in Turin with Talent Garden Startup community

Aphaia’s Business Development Director Giulia Barcaro conducted a get ready for GDPR workshop with startups from the Talent Garden Startup community and other members of Turin business community.

Aphaia is particularly proud of the GDPR workshop we ran at Fondazione Agnelli in Turin on Thursday 18th May.

GDPR workshop turin Talent Garden di Torino Italy

We were joined by all sorts of professionals stemming from the Talent Garden Startup community. It is clear how the novelties of GDPR rules of privacy concern all sort of business, from real estate to e-commerce, from medical apps to banking. The audience was willing to learn even though the topic is not the easiest; we have been asked how to distinguish a company that is not subject to GDPR rules from one than is.

Since the GDPR is effective from May 2018, it is time to get ready, especially for organisational changes. The easiest answer to that is: don’t trust wannabe DPOs, and get an impact assessment. A one-off assessment that can tell you if you are on the right track, if you need some adjustments and even if you can expand your business further than you imaged. That is the core of smart compliance: knowing what you should do, but also what you can achieve.

As a member of the audience rightly reported, investing on data protection compliance also means protecting your know-how and investing in your clients’s trusts. That is one, two, three advantages stemming from compliance.

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