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GOTO 1982: development of computing in Slovenia

GOTO 1982: development of computing in Slovenia

To honour 30th anniversary of the first publicly available computer ZX Spectrum, which was introduced on the market in April 1982, the Slovene National Museum of Contemporary History has unveiled the GOTO 1982 exhibition on the development of computing in Slovenia. Aphaia visited the exhibition.

In addition to the Spectrum computer, the exhibit also features a selection of seventies and eighties personal computers, among them specimens from IBM, Commodore, Apple and Hewlett Packard, as well as the former Yugoslav Iskra Delta and Gorenje computers.

The working computers enable visitors to test the programmes and games of days past, and see the development of hard and floppy disks and other memory devices.

The exhibition is to run until 28 February 2013, and is open from Tuesday until Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

Entry to GOTO 1982 is free of charge.

IBM 1130_
The IBM 1130 from 1965 was used primarily for education proposes. The system consisted of a central unit, the IBM 1442 card reader and the 1132 printer.
Apple Mac Portable_
Apple Mac Portable, the portable Apple computer from 1989.
Iskra Delta Partner_
Iskra Delta Partner, 1983
Gorenje Dialog_
Gorenje Dialog, 1980
Commodore 64_
Commodore 64, 1982
ZX Spectrum 1_
ZX Spectrum, 1982
Hewlett Packard 85_
Hewlett Packard, 1985


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