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Lisbon Web Summit Aphaia startup top picks

Lisbon Web Summit Aphaia startup top picks

Aphaia’s business development director Giulia Barcaro is at Lisbon Web Summit. She talked about privacy and data protection to loads of amazing innovative startups. Here are some of her top picks.

web summit aphaia giulia barcaro brushies sasa salamon
Aphaia’s Giulia Barcaro with Brushies’ Saša Salamon @WebSummit

Capture – The First Social Camera App enables you to share photos while you take them, with the people around you. You can take photos, see your friends that are with you and share the photos with them, all in one go. You may never again have to ask your friends to share their photos with you, as you can get them instantly.

Brushies have turned children’s brushing of their teeth into a game, bringing colourful characters and a fun experience to their brush time! It’s a game that encourages children to brush correctly and, because it’s interactive, every brush stroke is counted and rewarded. They won’t want to stop brushing!

Voicelyn enables you to make calls at affordable cost, without having to rely on wi-fi quality or data coverage. You can also expand your business presence overseas in a heartbeat – with no risks. How? By having a local number that will not only increase trust, but also be more convenient for your customer to reach at a local call price.

Getting data protection rules right from the outset is crucial for the sustainability of many startups’ business models. Aphaia can perform your startup business model privacy health check at super affordable rates. Not convinced? Perform a quick free initial check with our online tool.

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