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Monthly Round Up: April 2013

Monthly Round Up: April 2013

This month in the news:

  • Happy Earth Day! On April 22, 2013 more than one billion people around the world took part in the 43rd Earth Day, demonstrating their support for environmental protection.
  • What happens when a Google employee starts feeling conflicted about working for a major data collector? He launches a tool for privacy-craving internet users, now with a new major update.
  • Phasing out of the DVD is to cut the carbon impact of film distribution by 75%.
  • A Michigan judge has held himself in contempt of court and paid a US$25 fine after his smartphone interrupted court proceedings.
  • Wind power was the top source of new electricity generation capacity installed in the US last year, as the market grew by 28 per cent and investment across the sector soared. Worldwide predictions of wind power generation, however, are not as rosy.
  • The European Commission has blocked a proposal by the German Telecoms Regulator (BNetzA) to set fixed termination rates three times (300%) higher than the average of countries which follow the recommended approach set out in EU telecoms rules.
  • CISPA rolls on….Privacy protections booted from CISPA data-sharing bill.
  • Under the collective name of FairSearch.org, a group of companies including Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle have lodged an antitrust complaint against Google with the European Commission.
  • Do you know how to delete your life online?
  • Fibre deployments aren’t just good for the consumers — for small to medium-sized telcos they are also good for the bottom line, resulting in an average operating savings of 20 percent.
  • The differences in the U.S. and EU approaches to privacy legislation explained in an article by the New York Times – with American data protection currently a ‘patchwork quilt’ of different privacy rules, while Europe has a unified ‘blanket’ data protection directive.


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