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October is Cyber Security Month

October is Cyber Security Month

This October marks the start of the first European Cyber Security Month. Organized by ENISA, the European Network and Information Security Agency under the motto ‘Be Aware, Be Secure’, the Cyber Security Month will feature several pilot projects from select EU countries with the aim of raising information security awareness.

European-Cyber-Security-Month-logo_quadriPeople are increasingly relying on the internet in their everyday lives for banking, shopping, education and communication. It is, therefore, important that they are able to use the internet in a secure and confident manner. You can find out how aware you are of the risks of online ID theft by taking the following test.

To raise information about security awareness of the general public, this October pilot activities and events are to be organized in the scope of the very first European Cyber Security Month. The projects are to be organized by select EU Member States, with each pilot lasting for at least one week.

The Member States that are to participate in this year’s ‘Security week’ pilots are the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, the UK and Norway.

The list of events planned in the piloting countries can be found here.

ENISA will provide guidance to the events planned in the pilot weeks, as well as free promotional material, including tips and advice on how to stay safe on the Internet in different online situations.
The ‘Security week’ pilots will continue in 2013 and will culminate in a fully-fledged EU and US Security month by 2014. 


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