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We spoke about Data Regulation for online businesses at Blooming Founder’s event

We spoke about Data Regulation for online businesses at Blooming Founder’s event

On April 19th Aphaia was invited to speak at Blooming Founders’ conference. We presented all the key steps on Online Privacy that every business should take.


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We introduced the main features of the new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will enter into force on 2018, and compared it to the current online privacy requirements. Whether you are a startups or a medium sized Company, It is essential for all to undergo Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to assess how online privacy can affect a business model. You’ll become aware of all the privacy requirements and you will be able to insert them in your everyday management, adjusting some methodologies when necessary, but also discovering some extra potential in your data sources.

Throughout the Q&A, it emerged how the law reform will affect every business that has a digital platform: from mobile apps to cloud services, from third parties that manage your data to your social media marketing strategies.

We would like to share some questions with you, because they really show how privacy is becoming a key feature in every online businesses.


  • Can I use my role as an administrator in a Facebook group to advertise my business?
  • What if my company is based in Brazil and I deal with EU customers?
  • I have an E-commerce platform and I have no European customers, am I safe from stringent rules?
  • What happens if my company infringes privacy regulation?
  • Can individual customers raise complaints in the law reform scheme?
  • Am I responsible for third parties I signed a service contract with?
  • What are the first steps to comply with data regulation?

Any questions, do not hesitate to drop us an email at info@aphaia.co.uk. We also have a special rate for Start-ups of 50 pounds an hour, to give you all the essential information to address online privacy standards without risking your organisation’s strategic goals and revenues.

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