Tag: AI Systems

Tag: AI Systems

High risk AI and the EU AI Act

What AI systems fall under the “high-risk” category and what requirements do they need to comply with under the EU AI Act?    The European Union Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, officially approved by the Council of Ministers through a voting process in May 2024, is a landmark piece of legislation that will have a profound

The new EU AI Regulation: What is it and to whom does it apply?

After final approval by the Council of the EU on May 21, 2024, the EU AI Act is set to go into effect. What does this Regulation entail, and to whom does it apply?   The EU AI Act is a legal framework that aims to regulate the development, deployment, and use of Artificial Intelligence

Recommendations on the development of AI systems from European DPAs

DPAs across Europe have provided useful recommendations for organisations involved in the development and deployment of AI systems, aiding these organisations to remain in compliance with the GDPR and other regulations applicable to AI systems.    The French data protection authority, CNIL recently published its first recommendations on the development of AI systems. These recommendations

EU Artificial Intelligence Act passed by the European Parliament

The European Parliament has passed the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) to ensure safety of EU citizen rights.  On Wednesday March 14th, the Parliament formally passed the Artificial Intelligence Act, a legislation designed to safeguard public safety and fundamental rights, while simultaneously fostering innovation. The Act was finalised in negotiations with member states