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Monthly Round Up: May 2013

Monthly Round Up: May 2013

This month in the news:

  • EU refers Estonia to Court of Justice over independence of its telecoms regulator.
  • GSM Association report on the wide gap between US and EU mobile networks: “On average, data connection speeds in the US are 75 percent faster than European connections.”
  • European Commission Vice President proposes a single EU telecoms market legislative package that will end mobile roaming by 2014 and for the first time guarantee net neutrality.
  • Between 1950 and 2011, cities in Asia grew 57.2% compared to 9% in Europe. Helping secure the energy required for such Asian expansion will be smart cities that will increase energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Also investing in smart cities is Europe – more in Aphaia’s article from 2012.
  • EU is conducting a preliminary investigation of Apple’s anti-competitive behaviour in iPhone sales.
  • In the age of the Internet of Things, when everything can be connected to the internet “any illusion of privacy we maintain is based either on ignorance or on our unwillingness to accept what’s really going on” writes The Guardian.
  • According to measurements made May 9 in Hawaii, Earth has surpassed 400ppm (parts per million) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the highest level of worldwide carbon level in some 3 million years.
  • BT goes green: the telecoms giant has become one of the largest companies in the world to switch to 100 per cent renewable power, after inking a landmark deal with npower that commits the energy giant to only providing the firm with electricity from renewable sources.
  • The US Federal Aviation Authority is preparing a new set of recommendations for personal electronic devices on airplanes to settle whether electronic devices on planes are a safety risk, as well as define what ‘airplane mode’ should actually mean.


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