Tag: Data act

Tag: Data act

The Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act: A Comprehensive Overview

With the introduction of the Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act, Delaware has joined the ranks of US states with their own consumer privacy laws.   Governments worldwide are enacting legislation to safeguard individuals’ sensitive information and hold businesses accountable for its protection. The Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act (DPPA) is one such regulation that aims

EU Data Act: An update on the agreed text

In June 2023, policy makers reached an agreement on the EU Data Act, initially proposed in February, 2022.   The European Union’s Data Act, proposed in February 2022, is set to revolutionise the EU data economy. The Act is designed to foster data sharing and use across the EU, leveraging data as a critical asset

Aphaia attends FOAN 2022

Aphaia attended FOAN 2022, which was held in Valencia (Spain) on the 11th and 12th of October.   The 10th International Workshop on Fiber Optics in Access Networks (FOAN) took place in Valencia on 11-12th October, in an all-day event which was organised jointly with the International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems

New Data Act proposed by European Commission

New Data Act proposed by the European Commission for a fair and innovative data economy.    The European Commission recently proposed a new Data Act with the aim of making data more accessible. According to a press release from the Commission, this will make more data available for reuse and this is expected to create