Tag: EU AI Act

Tag: EU AI Act

Biometric identification and the EU AI Act

How does the EU AI Act address biometric identification, and how do its provisions compare to those of the GDPR regarding biometric data?   Biometric identification encompasses a variety of methods for verifying an individual’s identity. It can be utilized for various purposes, such as user authentication (e.g., unlocking smartphones) or verification at border crossings

High risk AI and the EU AI Act

What AI systems fall under the “high-risk” category and what requirements do they need to comply with under the EU AI Act?    The European Union Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, officially approved by the Council of Ministers through a voting process in May 2024, is a landmark piece of legislation that will have a profound

General-purpose AI and Systemic risk in the EU AI Act

As Europe continues to embrace the potential of general-purpose AI, it is essential that a calculated approach is taken to address the systemic risks associated with the technology.    General-purpose Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) models are ones that have a wide range of possible uses, both intended and unintended by the developers. They can be used

Aphaia delivers a presentation on the new EU AI Act and the GDPR on 42Workspace in Rotterdam

Aphaia has opened its new office at 42Workspace in Rotterdam and had the chance to deliver the presentation “EU AI Act with GDPR fundamentals” to the Rotterdam tech community on 5th June.   42Workspace is the tech coworking space in Rotterdam, comprising a community of more than 40 startups and scale-ups providing digital services in

EU Artificial Intelligence Act passed by the European Parliament

The European Parliament has passed the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) to ensure safety of EU citizen rights.  On Wednesday March 14th, the Parliament formally passed the Artificial Intelligence Act, a legislation designed to safeguard public safety and fundamental rights, while simultaneously fostering innovation. The Act was finalised in negotiations with member states

Developing the EU AI Act: EU lawmakers discuss revised governance structure

In developing the EU AI act, the European Union is actively working on establishing comprehensive regulations to guide the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence.   In an era characterized by rapid advancements in technology, the European Union continues to address the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence (AI). EU lawmakers have been