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The risks associated with geolocation data: an assessment by LINC, CNIL

The “Laboratoire d’Innovation Numerique de la CNIL” or LINC in France has been assessing the risks associated with geolocation data.    France’s digital innovation laboratory, known as “Laboratoire d’Innovation Numerique de la CNIL ” or  LINC secured a geolocation database from a data broker which was supposedly anonymized. The purpose of this was to test

Facebook cookie injunction has been dropped

CNIL has recently lifted an injunction placed on Facebook last December, regarding the company’s use of cookies.     Last December, CNIL ordered Facebook Ireland Limited to allow the use of facebook.com by users in France, in a manner that allows these users to refuse having cookies deposited on their device, just as easily as they

CNIL imposes €1 million fine for several infractions related to data subject’s rights and transparency obligations

€1 million fine imposed by CNIL on an energy company for several GDPR violations related to data subject’s rights and transparency obligations.    After receiving several complaints regarding the difficulties encountered by users in having their requests for access to their data and opposition to receiving calls for the purposes of direct marketing fulfilled by

Cookie assessment criteria published by the CNIL of France

The CNIL of France has published a cookie assessment criteria guide to aid businesses in determining the validity of cookies and other tracers.    The CNIL has published guidelines on the use of cookies and other tracers, which initially prohibited cookie walls as they were seen as a violation of the principle of free consent.

Medical data breach leads to major fine from CNIL

Earlier this month, the CNIL imposed a fine of €1.5 million after a medical data breach affecting nearly 500,000 people revealed a company’s security flaws.   Early last year, a major data breach affecting nearly 500,000 people was reported. The breach involved information including users’ surnames, first names , social security numbers, names of their

New cookie consent popup launched by Google following CNIL fine

Google is rolling out a new cookie consent pop up, after receiving a fine from the CNIL under the EU GDPR.   Google recently shared a preview of its new cookie consent popup. This new popup will initially be available on YouTube in France. However Google has expressed that it plans to roll out the

AI resources from CNIL published to support professionals

A collection of AI resources from CNIL were published in an effort to aid professionals in maintaining compliance.    With the developments in the use of AI systems over the years, new challenges in terms of data protection have presented. As part of its missions of information and protection of rights,  the CNIL has offered

CLEARVIEW AI ordered to delete photos by French DPA; CNIL

CLEARVIEW AI, ordered to delete photos by the French DPA after investigation revealed unlawful collection and processing of photos from the Internet.   CLEARVIEW AI, and the facial recognition software the company produces were first reported to the CNIL in May of 2020. This led to an investigation which uncovered two GDPR infractions; the unlawful