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Google accused of unlawfully tracking users, wants to avoid UK courts

Google accused of unlawfully tracking users, wants to avoid UK courts

Google is arguing that a lawsuit over its British users’ privacy should be handled in US courts.

A group claim has been brought in the UK against the tech giant, who stands accused of secretly monitoring British users’ behaviour online, reports the Guardian.

The case involves three British claimants, who are accusing Google of tracking their information by circumventing security settings on the iPhone, iPad and desktop versions of the Safari web browser. Avoiding the ‘do not track’ feature, Google monitored the online habits of Safari users and tailored ads to their specific behaviour patterns.

In the US, Google has already paid a record fine for such tracking of their Safari browser users, imposed by the American Federal Communications Commission, report BBC News.

While the plaintiffs wish to argue their case in front of the British legal system, on Monday Google asked the High Court to rule that the forthcoming case be heard in California, where the company is based, rather than in England.

Comments Aphaia’s Chief Consultant Boštjan Makarovič:  “Establishing jurisdiction on the internet has always been difficult, especially when it comes to different standards of freedom of expression. However, the cases involving privacy rights of individuals targeted by a company in their home country are better heard in the individuals’ countries, otherwise they would hardly make sense.”

The case continues.

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