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Tag: Meta platforms

The Irish DPC imposed a fine of €405 million on Meta Platforms Limited

The Irish DPC imposed a fine of €405 million on Meta Platforms Limited, relating to the processing of children’s data.    The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) recently imposed a fine of €405 million and a range of corrective measures on Meta Platforms Limited (Ireland), after an inquiry into the company revealed several GDPR infractions.

Final decision on Meta Platforms delayed by Irish DPC

The Irish DPC has been forced to delay its final decision on Meta Platforms’ use of SCCs for international data transfers.    Despite several threats from the company Meta Platforms to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe due to concerns over the use of Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) for cross-border data transfers, this may

Facebook cookie injunction has been dropped

CNIL has recently lifted an injunction placed on Facebook last December, regarding the company’s use of cookies.     Last December, CNIL ordered Facebook Ireland Limited to allow the use of facebook.com by users in France, in a manner that allows these users to refuse having cookies deposited on their device, just as easily as they