Tag: privacy law

Tag: privacy law

Iowa Consumer Data Privacy Act: What organizations should be aware of

The Iowa Consumer Data Privacy Act (ICDPA), scheduled to come into force from January 2025, introduces specific requirements for organizations which process the data of Iowa residents.    Iowa has its own data privacy laws that organizations need to be aware of. The Iowa Consumer Data Privacy Act (ICDPA) was enacted in 2020 and it

The Indiana Consumer Data Protection Act: continuing the trend of state level Privacy law in the US

Many US states, including Indiana, have implemented comprehensive privacy laws to protect residents’ information, following trends set by the EU GDPR and fellow US States.   With the rise of data breaches and the increasing use of technology in everyday life, many US states have taken it upon themselves to enact comprehensive privacy laws safeguarding

Felicia Yap on iDiaries and our online memory delusions

In Felicia Yap’s speculative world of ‘Yesterday’ , people’s short-term memories are finite – so everyone records their daily experiences on electronic diaries. The Guardian’s Rising Star for Fiction 2017 chats to Aphaia Blog about our online memory delusions. The EU law, including General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) , grants individuals the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ,