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The Cloud and Big Data Privacy month

The Cloud and Big Data Privacy month

In June, Aphaia will be focusing on Big Data privacy and data protection in the Cloud at three very special events in London and Istanbul.

Acting as media partners for two amazing conferences, IQPC Big Data Monetisation in Telecoms in London and EEL Turkey Cloud Computing Forum to take place in London and Istanbul respectively, we will present the challenges pertaining to the authorisations for ‘big’ personal data processing and data ‘exports’ to cloud solutions. When deciding whether you want to come and listen to our presentation and panel discussion, keep in mind that Aphaia blog readers get 20% discount for the EEL Turkey Cloud Computing Forum.

On 22nd June, we will conclude our Big Data privacy month with a workshop on privacy and IP for our Shoreditch startup community. The workshop, hosted by THECUBE, will focus on data protection, copyrights and database rights from the tech startups perspective. You can register to attend for free at info@aphaia.co.uk


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