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The Nearly New Deal: Sharing Data between EU and US

The Nearly New Deal: Sharing Data between EU and US

Reuters reported that the US and the EU are very close to upgrading the much criticized Safe Harbour, the agreement that regulates the transfer of personal data between, across the Atlantic.

Safe Harbour’s very foundations where shaken by the turmoil of Snowden revelations.

Not only: Brussels’ concerns over data traded to uncertified third parties translated into a long dialogue over Safe Harbour’s future.

Now two years of dense negotiations may translate into a deal at the end of this summer: an enhanced agreement that will most likely be quite different from the current one.

Timing is key, too.


While the European Commission is finalizing the terms of the agreement, the European Court of Justice is considering the case of Max Schrems, a citizen that claims his data protection rights have been breached by Facebook, by passing his personal data onto the NSA.

Who will deliver first, the ECJ ruling or the European Commission deal on data transfer?


The answer may entail more than a simple note on the calendar.


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