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The new “Europe 2020” strategy finalized

The new “Europe 2020” strategy finalized

On 17 June 2010 European leaders adopted “Europe 2020“, a new 10 year strategy for jobs and growth which will promote the delivery of structural reforms. Member States will over the coming months discuss how specific policies can be mobilized to unlock the growth potential of the European Union.

At the meeting of the European Council it was agreed on the need to reinforce coordination of economic policies. Further to the presentation by the European Commission of the first flagship initiative on a “Digital Agenda for Europe“, the European Council endorsed the establishment of an ambitious action agenda based on concrete proposals and calls upon all institutions to engage in its full implementation, including the creation of a fully functioning digital single market by 2015.

The Digital Agenda would contribute significantly to Europe’s economic growth and spread the benefits of the digital era to all sections of society. The Agenda outlines seven priority areas for action:

  • creating a single European digital market without borders;
  • improving interoperability and openness of information and communication technology products;
  • boosting internet trust and security by preventing cyber-attacks and reinforcing the rules on personal data protection;
  • providing much faster internet access, with the target being internet speeds of 30 Mbps or above for all European citizens, with half European households subscribing to connections of 100Mbps or higher;
  • more investment in research and development of information and communication technology;
  • enhancing digital literacy skills and inclusion, thus providing Europeans with the knowledge and skills they need to be part of the digital era, when commerce, public, social and health services, learning and political life is increasingly moving online;
  • applying information and communications technologies to address challenges facing society like climate change and the ageing population.
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