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Casebook on Data Protection by Olumide Babalola offers a global perspective: NDPR v GDPR

Casebook on Data Protection by Olumide Babalola offers a global perspective: NDPR v GDPR

Olumide Babalola’s global Casebook on Data Protection, reviewed by Aphaia’s founder Dr Bostjan Makarovic, follows the adoption of Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 ( NDPR ).


The Casebook on Data Protection is an inclusive collection of several European Court of Human Rights (ECTHR) and Court of Justice of European Union (CJEU) cases around data protection and privacy. The book is divided into different chapters, based on smaller subsections of data protection and privacy litigation. It features 159 cases as its bases of study and commentary on each of these specific avenues. Some notable Chapters include: Transfer of Data to Foreign Countries, Principles of Data Protection, Exceptions and Derogation. There are also chapters on Employment data, sensitive data and other relevant topics.  A few of Aphaia’s representatives had the pleasure of attending the virtual launch of ‘Casebook on Data Protection’ on June 4th, 2020. The book sets the stage for the NDPR v GDPR comparison.


Casebook of Data Protection is the fifth published book of author Olumide Babalola.


Olumide Babalola is one of Africa’s leading intellectuals in the field of data protection, consummate digital rights and internet privacy. Currently the Managing Partner at the self- titled Olumide Babalola LP – Where their bias aligns with Babalola’s expertise; consumer rights litigation, digital rights, employment, corporate commercial disputes and more. He is an award winning law practitioner , receiving the Nigerian Rising Star award, and is a member of not only the Nigerian Bar association but the International Bar, IGFSA, Internet Society and International Association of Privacy Practitioners, among others. Being one of Nigeria’s most sought after speakers on Legislation regarding the internet- he delivered a speech at the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and RightsCon (The 8th Annual Summit on Human Rights in the Digital Age) . Babalola is the author of multiple relevant litigation works including Nigeria’s first law dictionary – Babalola’s Law Dictionary. Babalola is a pioneer in his field in Africa and also on the global front speaking on topics such as cybercrime, Freedom of Information and the laws surrounding digital rights, their implementation and amendment.


The event featured various notable speakers and presenters, reviewing the Casebook on Data Protection and sharing insightful presentations.


Thursday’s proceedings featured some very insightful presentations by various speakers, including Prof Nani Jensen-Reventflow; the founding director of the Digital Freedom Fund, Dr Tobias Hollwarth; president of EuroCloud Europe, and Privacy and Data Protection lawyer, Prof Paolo Balboni.The Book was first reviewed by two professionals in the environmental, ICR and privacy litigation arenas; Professor Olanrewaju Fagbohun PhD, and Aphaia’s very own Dr Bostjan Makarovic. Finally, computer science graduate, Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi presented on the comprehensive collection of decisions; Casebook on Data Protection, to event attendees. 


A Summary of the review of ‘Casebook on Data Protection’, by Dr Bostjan Makarovic.


Dr Makarovic deems this book a great companion for anyone who seeks comparative support for their privacy work, or who would simply like a broader understanding of legislative concepts. He noted a specific appreciation for the way the cases are neatly broken down into questions raised, and the answer presented by each decision, making the book an easy read, with a global approach. This original collection of global case law decisions comes just at a time when data protection law is becoming a global discipline, and privacy professionals are seeking support in understanding statutory concepts, according to Dr. Makarovic. He definitely recommends this book, which largely uses the prototype concepts of EU law, including new concepts introduced by the GDPR, such as data breach, which can help build NDPR v GDPR comparison in practice.


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