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ePrivacy Regulation Draft to be updated and presented at next EU Presidency

ePrivacy Regulation Draft to be updated and presented at next EU Presidency

A revamped draft ePrivacy Regulation is expected to be presented at next Presidency of the EU.

Last week, Aphaia reported on the  newsoriginally presented by the European Digital Rights (EDRi)that EU states had rejected the draft ePrivacy Regulation. Understandably, this shocking outcome had spurred EU wide concern. The head of policy at the EDRi had forcefully admonished that the EUs inability to date to ensure strong privacy protections in the ePrivacy Regulation is a step backwards for the EU.Today, it seems that fears that the recent rejection would result in a permanent withdrawal of draft ePrivacy regulation can now be laid to rest. Three days ago (on December 3), Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton announced that the European Commission will present a revised ePrivacy proposal as part of the forthcoming Croatian Presidency of the EU.

Well have to put a new proposal on the table because I definitely think that everybody wants to do something, but obviously you are not in agreement,an Euractiv article quotes Breton as he appeared in front of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council. So, I propose, that, for the next presidency, we will put on the table a new proposal obviously matching all your concerns and interests, because I really think that regarding our fellow citizens, there is an urgent need to move forward.

The revamped ePrivacy Regulation is expected to offer regulations for internet phone and message services like Skype and WhatsApp. The existing 2002 ePrivacy and Electronic Directivewhich the proposed new ePrivacy regulation is expected to replaceoffers strict privacy protection only to text messages and voice calls provided by traditional telecoms.

Privacy rules should be the same across EU, but not at any price. We trust the final ePrivacy Regulation draft will properly protect citizens’ electronic privacy rights and, at the same time, it will not be a game changer”. Cristina Contero Almagro, Partner in Aphaia.

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