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Today is International Human Rights Day: Internet and human rights

Today is International Human Rights Day: Internet and human rights

December 10 is International Human Rights day. The internet Society, an international, non-profit organization providing leadership in Internet policy has taken this opportunity to highlight the importance of the web in connection with human rights.

“The open and global network offers you that chance to be a part of public matters and provides a platform for you to help influence the decisions that shape your communities. It has given a voice to the voiceless, pushed the boundaries of human innovation, built new communities, and helped them flourish in a way that was previously unimagined,” writes the Internet Society.

The organisation views the Internet as an enabler for a wide range of human rights, such as the right to freedom of expression and opinion and the right to association. It is committed to ensuring the continuation of an open, global and accessible Internet, which can serve as an instrumental tool in fulfilling people’s aspirations for freedom of expression, as well as social and economic development.

Check out how the Internet has become an essential platform for human rights in the infographic below:


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