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IoT and Privacy, are we ready?

IoT and Privacy, are we ready?

Security risks when it comes to massive devices interconnection


How far is IoT from becoming a reality? The connectivity, the skills, the storage and analysis capacity, the devices, a high speed of response… All of them are technology already available but why it is not implemented in business and society yet?

IoT systems involve the processing of huge amount of data, which are shared on a large scale between interconnected devices. Information travelling across lot of networks might result in a high risk of being compromised if there are no appropriate security and control standardised measures in place.

The European Commission and other regulation bodies are aware of this situation and are taking action in order to prevent data breaches and cybersecurity threats. The launch of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) and the adoption of the Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy are some of the initiatives.

Inspired on the “Good Practices for Security of Internet of Things in the context of Smart Manufacturing” document published by the European Union Agency For Network and Information Security (ENISA), Aphaia highlight the main privacy risks derived from IoT processes in order to detail feasible security measures and its relation with the GDPR in our next following videos.

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