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Monthly Round Up: August 2012

Monthly Round Up: August 2012

This month in the news.

  • Following the example of China, the United States is to decide whether it should ban its airlines from participating in the controversial EU Emission Trading Scheme that would see all airlines operating from EU airports pay an emission charge.
  • The European Commission rules that the Czech telecoms regulator must withdraw its plans to include wholesale broadband services based on cable and Wi-Fi platforms into its definition of the wholesale broadband access product market.
  • German data protection authorities reopen their investigation of Facebook’s facial recognition technology, with the EU having investigated this function before.
  • The maker of China’s most popular web browser is to replace Google with its own search engine as a default choice, citing the drop in Google’s customer service since its exit from China in 2010.
  • Britain has once again pledged to have the fastest broadband in Europe by 2015. Citing the performance of UK networks during the recent Olympic Games, the UK’s Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that “reliable high speed networks” were “essential” for the country’s “digital and creative industries”.
  • The number of disputes over the ownership of website addresses increased by 6% in the past year to July compared to the same period 12 months earlier.
  • Take control of your personal data online with the help of a brochure from the European Commission.
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