Monthly Round Up: December 2013

In the news at the end of 2013: Europe to reduce air pollution, BEREC adopts its work programme for next year, we found out what we googled in 2013 and the percentage of European enterprises that use social media, and the world's leading technology companies unite to demand changes to US surveillance laws.

Green light for ‘Connected Continent’

Despite some severe criticism, the Council of the European Union green lit the 'Connected Continent' telecoms reform package in its meeting yesterday in Brussels.

Monthly Round Up: November 2012

In the news this past month: Britain addresses the culture, practices and ethics of its press, Europe and USA join in making the Internet safer for children, and the European Commission publishes a study on broadband coverage in Europe in 2011.

Monthly Round Up: October 2012

This month in the news.

Monthly Round Up: August 2012

This month in the news.

Poland must improve access to its fibre network

The European Commission has called on the Polish telecoms regulator to amend or withdraw its proposal to give alternative operators only limited access to Telekomunikacja Polska’s fibre networks.

European Commission opens new consultation on net neutrality

The European Commission has launched a new public consultation on net neutrality with a view to its commitment to preserve the open and neutral character of the Internet.

European Commission says ‘no’ to new Danish SMS prices and higher Dutch telephony rates

The European Commission has once again exercised its power of suspending proposed telecoms regulatory measures and has halted the implementation of new SMS termination rates in Denmark and the proposed increase of fixed and mobile telephony termination rates in the Netherlands.

New telecoms rules to be implemented

Europeans will enjoy new rights and services regarding phones, mobile and Internet, thanks to the revised EU rules on telecoms networks and services. The rules, adopted by the European Parliament and Council in late 2009, had to be implemented into national laws of the EU-27 countries by 25th May 2011.

Net Neutrality consultation: consensus on importance of preserving open internet

As part of the 2009 EU telecoms reform package, the Commission committed itself to scrutinise closely the open and neutral nature of the internet and to report on the state of play to the European Parliament and the EU’s Council of Ministers. To this end the Commission on 30 June 2010 launched a public consultation