Tag: Smart Cities

Tag: Smart Cities

Smart city initiatives require special consideration of privacy risks

Leaders are urged to consider possible privacy risks and how they may be curtailed in the implementation of smart city initiatives.   Leaders worldwide are being urged to give keen consideration to the possible privacy risks associated with smart city initiatives. The European Commission has defined smart cities as “a place where traditional networks and

Monthly Round Up: June 2013

June saw the Think.Eat.Save anti-food waste campaign, the rise of the PRISM spying scandal, the implementation of e-Call, the automated emergency call in cars, and has reminded us that roaming charges in the EU will once again be lowered come July. All this and more in our latest monthly round-up.

Monthly Round Up: May 2013

The possible end for EU roaming charges and a guarantee of net neutrality, the questionable independence of the Estonian telecoms regulator, the wide gap between US and EU mobile networks and more than 400ppm of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere, all in the news this May.

Europe investing € 365 million in smart cities in 2013

With almost three quarters of Europeans living in cities that are consuming 70 % of Europe’s energy, the European Union is focusing on making its cities more efficient by investing € 365 million in smart technology.