Tag: Special category data

Tag: Special category data

ICO issues reprimand to the NHS after a data breach

ICO issues reprimand to the NHS after a data breach exposing sensitive health data of several individuals.    The ICO is calling for the highest standards in HIV services in the wake of a reprimand against NHS Highland. The health board was issued with an enforcement notice, which stated that it had failed to comply

Clearview fined by the ICO for unlawful data collection and processing

Clearview AI Inc was fined over £7.5 million, and ordered to delete photos and data of UK residents from its database.    The ICO has fined Clearview AI Inc £7,552,800 for using the images of people, including those in the UK, that were scraped from the web and social media profiles to create their global

Pandemic related data collection halted in Germany

Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has announced an end to pandemic related data collection and storage.   Many of the legal measures implemented to contain the coronavirus pandemic have recently come to an end in Hamburg as the hotspot regulation in Hamburg expired on April 30, 2022. While these regulations are

Protection of health data: new section on AEPD website

The AEPD has launched a new section on its website containing information and resources specific to the protection of health data.   The Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) recently published a new web space in the Areas of Interest section on its website, to facilitate consultation and disseminate information on the processing of health