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Protection of health data: new section on AEPD website

Protection of health data: new section on AEPD website

The AEPD has launched a new section on its website containing information and resources specific to the protection of health data.


The Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) recently published a new web space in the Areas of Interest section on its website, to facilitate consultation and disseminate information on the processing of health data. The aim of this initiative is to respond to the needs expressed by representatives of the health sector to have a compilation of legislation and other resources on the topic of health and data protection. Health data is considered special category data and therefore special provisions are to be made for the protection of this type of data in particular. 


This new section of the AEPD website contains information intended for various members of the community.


The resources provided by the AEPD in this new section of their website are intended for citizens, data controllers, data protection professionals, health institutions, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, among others. It is made up of seven sections which include general information on the treatment of health data and how to exercise the right of access to medical records. In addition, there are answers to questions related to medical research. It also outlines the criteria set by the AEPD based on queries raised by members of the health sector, as well as information on inspections that have been carried out. Some of the additional resources which can be found in this new section are topics related to health research and clinical trials, as well as information on personal data breaches within the health sector. 


Health officials and other concerned parties are encouraged to make use of these resources.


The new section of AEPD’s website was launched on May 3rd and contains several useful links. It is expected that the information contained therein will be updated regularly, and kept up to date with news, important legislative updates, and any personal data breaches which concern specifically health data. This new web space can be accessed via this link and can be used by anyone, to stay up to date on any developments with regards to health data. Health officials and other concerned parties are encouraged to make use of this new, very valuable resource provided by the AEPD.

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