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The UK’s new Information Commissioner; John Edwards

The UK’s new Information Commissioner; John Edwards

  • The UK’s new Information Commissioner; John Edwards was recently appointed for a five year term starting January 3rd. 


John Edwards formally began his five year stint as the UK’s new Information Commissioner on Monday, January 3rd 2022, according to this statement released by the UK Government. Edwards ushers in the new year beginning this new role, after having served as New Zealand’s Privacy Commissioner for some time. He has also practiced law for 20 years and specialized in information law. His appointment was approved by the Digital Culture, Media and Sport Committee following a pre-appointment hearing last September. 


The UK’s new Information Commissioner will replace Elizabeth Denham, who  served from 2016 until November of last year. 


Elizabeth Denham, the former Information Commissioner, served In that capacity from 2016, until November 30th last year. From December 1st 2021 to January 2nd 2022, the ICO’s Deputy Chief Executive was appointed as the ICO’s accounting officer. To ensure continuity of regulatory decision making during the interim period, the regulatory responsibilities of the Commissioner are typically delegated to Deputy Commissioners through the ICO’s Scheme of Delegation. Edwards describes his new role as working “with those to whom we entrust our data so that they are able to respect our privacy with ease whilst still reaping the benefits of data-driven innovation.” 


This appointment, made by her Majesty, was advised by a committee and advisory panel. 


The appointment was made in accordance with the Governance Code on Public Appointments. Under the Data Protection Act, the appointment was made by Her Majesty by Letters Patent in accordance with the recommendations from the Secretary of State for Digital Culture, Media and Sport, through the Prime Minister. The ministers acted on the advice of an Advisory Assessment Panel. 


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