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VIII IAB Spain Digital Advertising Regulation Summit Overview

VIII IAB Spain Digital Advertising Regulation Summit Overview

The VIII IAB Spain Digital Advertising Regulation Summit was hosted online on Wednesday 2nd February.


The VIII edition of the IAB Spain Digital Advertising Regulation Summit took place last Wednesday 2nd February in an online half-day event which was sponsored by Google, OneTrust and PrimCity. 


The event

The IAB Spain Digital Advertising Regulation Summit is a forum for debate on the latest regulation initiatives that may impact the digital sector, bringing together the most influential industry leaders, professionals, organisations, public bodies and other stakeholders to share and discuss their views and experiences on the matter.

The following topics were addressed in this year’s edition: 

  • Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act;
  • Spain’s Audiovisual Act; 
  • GDPR and ePrivacy;
  • Metaverse; 
  • Trustworthy AI; 
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality; 
  • Spain’s Digital Services Tax Act; 
  • Cookies and targeted advertising and
  • Application of existing liability regimes to emerging digital technologies.

As a member of the ethics committee of EU-funded research and innovation projects, Aphaia was invited to talk about trustworthy AI and its regulation. 


AI: Does it need to be regulated in order to be trustworthy?

Aphaia participated as an AI expert as part of the “7 minutes, 7 legal topics” sessions. We were given the opportunity to go through the existing AI regulation framework and initiatives and elaborate on how the current approach may impact the use of this technology by the wider society.

Our speech was focused on the following points:

  • AI HLEG Ethics Guidelines and Assessment List for Trustworthy AI;
  • AI civil liability regime and
  • EU Artificial Intelligence Act.

While it is important to make sure that there are rules in place that govern the use of AI systems and the impact of this technology on society, we should not forget that the existing legal framework is still applicable, meaning that whereas there might not be specific rules that an AI system is subject to, there are other legal requirements that should be complied with, such as data protection and intellectual property laws.

Did you miss it?

The VIII IAB Spain Digital Advertising Regulation Summit was recorded and it will be available on IAB Spain’s Youtube channel in the next following days. 

If you want to learn more about AI regulation and ethics, you can visit our vlog.

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