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Zoe Wong on Depop user community and its privacy awareness

Zoe Wong on Depop user community and its privacy awareness

As part of our interviews with clients, this time we are with Zoe Wong, director of Finance and operations of Depop, who will be talking to us about the community of users on its platform, how it has evolved and the perception of these in relation to privacy.

1. Why is Depop unique? To an outsider, it might look like a mixture of Instagram and eBay but there is more to it, correct?

Depop  has a very unique community of young creatives, so the items found on our platform are often unique pieces with their own story behind them. Depop has become, not just a place to buy and sell, but it has also offered young people an alternative career path – many are now full-time Depop sellers and start their own business. The Instagram-like marketplace means that it’s become more than just about shopping, the social element means that users also come to Depop to discover and connect with like-minded individuals.tividad, lo que implica que es una experiencia que va más allá de la venta; el componente social permite a los usuarios conectar con personas similares que comparten los mismos intereses e inquietudes.

2. Your target generation of consumers that have grown up with social media may be less concerned about online privacy than the previous ones. Is that really the case, or do they simply perceive privacy differently?

I think that our users are very aware, but they definitely have a different perception around online privacy. In the past, users may have been more concerned with things like identity security but in the age of social media, users are less concerned about putting their details on a public profile but more aware of how their data is being used and whether it’s being sold. They’re much more aware of their rights and they’re not afraid to challenge companies on their activities – I think it’s a fascinating evolution that will change how companies view transparency & social responsibility.


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